Monday, May 28, 2007

Grave Misdeeds

Having just seen the cretin in chief desecrate the graves of our heroes buried there by his presence, I take comfort in recalling that it was desecration that the Cemetery was set up to effect.

The original grounds belonged to Mrs. Robert E. Lee, and the Custis-Lee mansion that now is the high point was her home. When Robert E. Lee became the General leading the Southern army in the Civil War, the mansion and grounds were confiscated by the Union. Soldiers were housed there, and later an infirmary set up. In command of the garrison there was a former West Point classmate of Robert E. Lee, who resented his leaving their country and helping in setting up a seceeded nation from its parts. That former classmate, Brig. Gen. Meigs, wanted to make sure that the beloved house would never be able to be occupied by the Robert E. Lee family again. Burying war dead on the grounds insured this end.

After the war, the Supreme Court declared the confiscation illegal and returned it to Custis Lee, the oldest son of the Robert E. Lee family, who in turn sold it back to the U.S. government for $150,000.

These honored dead, being dead, don't mind that they were laid there for revenge on one of this country's great generals, who probably made a bad choice in fighting for the South but did it out of loyalty, not for profit.

Perhaps a purification ceremony could be arranged for the great spirits that were polluted today by evil spirits.

Coincidentally, I roomed with an 'intern' who had helped research a guide book to D.C. who told me this tale long ago.

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Blogger FeralLiberal said...

I would be astounded that he would have the brass to "honor" deceased vets with his presents considering his role in so many of their deaths, but then again, he's the deciderer commander guy so I guess that's to be expected.

6:15 PM  
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