Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is Anyone In Washington Paying Attention?

Every poll I've seen indicates that a huge majority of the US public wants American troops out of Iraq, sooner rather than later. The public wants no more "surge," no more extended tours of duty, no more deaths or casualties, no more dollars pissed away. Yet few people in Washington, DC seem to understand that, or, if they understand that, are willing to do anything about it.

The 2006 election was costly for the Republicans because of the war, and the 2008 election could be even worse, yet other than a few "defections" from White House policy GOP senators continue to refuse bills which would finally put an end to this debacle. From today's Los Angeles Times:

The 2008 campaign season is starting to take shape for congressional candidates, and many Republicans see warning signs that the steepest price for the administration's Iraq policy may be paid not by President Bush, who will not be on the ballot, but by the GOP lawmakers who will be.

In New Hampshire, a recent poll found Republican Sen. John E. Sununu trailing one possible Democratic challenger by a double-digit margin.

In Minnesota, Sen. Norm Coleman raised about $300,000 less in the second quarter than his best-known Democratic challenger, comedian Al Franken.

In Oregon, approval ratings for Sen. Gordon H. Smith did not improve after he switched positions and called for a U.S. troop withdrawal. ...

The fact that so few Republicans have been willing to endorse a firm deadline means they will continue to be exposed to criticism from Democrats and from constituents weary of the war. Some Republican strategists worry that no matter what lawmakers do now, the issue will leave some Republican incumbents vulnerable.

"There will be races that will be more competitive in places you don't expect," said a senior advisor to one Republican facing a tough reelection contest. "Fifteen months is a lifetime in politics, it's true. But questions like this war don't go away quickly. This has been three years coming. I don't think it goes away in a New York minute."

Democrats have to know this, and should have known it since the 2006 election, yet they have allowed the Republicans in the Senate to frustrate and filibuster the bills which would employ withdrawal deadlines. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has finally signalled that the Senate will stay in session during the threatened filibuster of the current bill and that he will call for regular votes during the filibuster. Keeping the Senate in session 24/7 is something that should have started in January on each and every bill on each and every issue the Democrats ran on and won on in November, so he's late, but it's a start.

Take the votes and then publish the votes in every part of the media in every recalcitrant senator's state. Twenty-two Republican senators come up for re-election in 2008. Let their constituents know how party loyalty is more important than soldiers lives.

This isn't rocket science, folks.

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Blogger Mr.Murder said...

Then republicans cry that we are politicizing the service of troops.

Answer them that Karl Rove said "Run on the War" in 2002.

5:05 AM  
Blogger Nancy Willing said...

I like your well duh category!

3:24 AM  

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