Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brinksmanship Has Always Been Poor Diplomacy

The lack of diplomatic skills that the cabal in the White House seemingly prides itself on is creating a confrontation with Iran that bodes ill. In Britain, as at home, the rashness of threats displays a danger possible to leading into a war that would make no sense, and further erode America's capabilities, its resources, and its place in the world.

The procedure used by the neocons in starting their war on Iraq seems to be repeating itself. In BBC commentary today their World Affairs correspondent. Paul Reynolds, sees a lot of bluster, a lot of chicanery, and ominous potential for cataclysmic mistakes once again by the cretin in chief.

By heightening the rhetoric over Iran's nuclear programme, President Bush has left open the possibility that the United States might in due course abandon diplomacy and turn to military might.

In his speech to the American Legion in Nevada, he said Iran's "active pursuit of technology that could lead to nuclear weapons threatens to put a region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust".

He also said: "We will confront this danger before it is too late."

Mark Fitzpatrick, nuclear analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London said: "There is a real possibility that President Bush will feel compelled not to allow this problem to pass to his successor.

"The effectiveness and consequences of air strikes would have to be calculated, of course, and they might in the end be felt to be a bad idea, but we should take this seriously.

"Iran is at the moment making a show of co-operating with the International Atomic Energy Agency but is still refusing full co-operation and hopes to spin this out to prevent further sanctions. It has not stopped its nuclear programme."
Running parallel to the nuclear problem is the American claim that Iran is helping Shia militias in Iraq.

Mr Bush said he had ordered US commanders to act against these "murderous activities".
Putting some of the blame on Iran makes it easier for him to argue that the US problems in Iraq are partly due to this external factor and therefore do not amount to a justification of a cut and run approach.

A leader with any qualities of wisdom or concern for his constituency - the U.S. in this case - would be making war less likely, but this is not the way the present resident of the White House conducts his affairs. Unfortunately, his conduct bears directly on our security, and constantly threatens it.

Hopefully, there will be enough restraint on the executive branch to keep it from further forays into world instability. The Congress should be looking for a new Attorney General, and must look for one who will keep the constitution from further damage. That Attorney General also should be questioned on what will be done to an executive who runs amuck and threatens the security of the country.

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Blogger WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

You know my theory: The Busheviks wanna cast the entire region into bloody, murderous, region-wide, sectarian conflicts; then sit back and wait til the warring partiie have reduced themselves to impotence, when they can return like the colonialists of the 19th century.

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