Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pictures From Albuquerque

These pictures courtesy of L'il Red. Thanks so much, sweetie!

Sunset at Red River Gulch, on the way to Taos. Woody drove like a demon to get us there in time for the sight you're looking at. Thanks, Dr. J.

Cluster of DFH's in Woody's front yard. From left; Uncle Smokes, Tena, Mena, Ray (a friend of Woody's, not a blogger yet), Flory, me, Diane, Olav.

Cliffs along the way to Bandelier, showing the erosion of layers laid down by our Jurassic era sea.

These are in the walls at Bandelier and almost all of us did climb up to take a peek inside. Hey, when all these mortgages are foreclosed, we may just know where to look for our friends.

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Blogger FeralLiberal said...

Oh so nice, Ruth. I must do this next year come hell or high water. And the way things are going, we may have both!

I'll have to check with Woody, many state fairs have a wine competition. I should enter some of mine.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

How 'bout a FeralLiberal wine pie? for the Asbury women's pie booth.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous lil red ridin in tha hood said...

Oohhhh the pictures look great on your blog!
I'm glad I could help out

8:37 PM  

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