Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Poetry Blogging

When I visited shrimplate today, he had up such a beautiful poetry post, I would love you all to visit it. I will print the poem here, but want you to go to his site for the wonderful pictures and his explanation, at this site.

Among the Narcissi

Spry, wry, and gray as these March sticks,
Percy bows, in his blue peajacket, among the narcissi.
He is recuperating from something on the lung.

The narcissi, too, are bowing to some big thing :
It rattles their stars on the green hill where Percy
Nurses the hardship of his stitches, and walks and

There is a dignity to this; there is a formality-
The flowers vivid as bandages, and the man mending.
They bow and stand : they suffer such attacks!

And the octogenarian loves the little flocks.
He is quite blue; the terrible wind tries his breathing.

The narcissi look up like children, quickly and whitely.

Sylvia Plath



Blogger shrimplate said...

Hecate has been been doing "Sunday poetry blogging" for quite a while now. A lot of the time it's Akmatova, a poet I really like. I got the idea from Hecate and I've been running with it.

I've been reading and studying Plath for three decades now I truly believe that she had one of the greatest poetic voices of the second half of the twentieth century.

I found Cab Drollery via Eschaton and you're one of my regular stops. Thanks for the link.

To show you my appreciation I whipped up a little something for you:

Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake

7:58 PM  

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