Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Name The Butterfly!

GEt your bids in now, to name a butterfly and contribute to more research!

Nah, I didn't suggest 'Ruth' and 'Diane' - but is there a Flutterby anywhere?

In an apparent first for butterflies, the Florida Museum of Natural History is auctioning the naming rights for a newly discovered species online to raise money for butterfly research.

University of Florida researchers George Austin and Andrew Warren discovered the new species of owl butterfly earlier this year. The discovery is significant because the species is large and colorful, and is the first butterfly from this group to be named in more than 100 years.

Rather than naming the butterfly themselves, the customary practice when new species are discovered, Austin and Warren decided to auction the naming rights of the new species to raise money to support continued research on Mexican butterflies at the McGuire Center. Researchers at the Alfonso L. Herrera Zoology Museum at the National Autonomous University of Mexico are partners in the process.

at http://auction.igavel.com/ClientInfo.taf?_function=info&id=2179&skip=1

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Blogger FeralLiberal said...

May I suggest Lepidoptera Alii (Floats like a butterfly...) but the wingers would have a problem with that "Mohammad" first name.

They'd go more for something like Haliburtonia Cheneyi, and it would pay better too.

7:55 AM  

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