Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bonus Critter Blogging: Coyote

OK, I'm guilty of a little deception. This photograph (by Michael S. Quinton and published by National Geographic) doesn't really look much like the coyotes I've had visits from in the San Gabriel Valley of California. That said, I would like to introduce an organization that came in and assisted when one of our local coyotes was discovered in a near-by yard. The animal was clearly injured, and the local animal control people worked with Animal Advocates. Here's some information from their web-site:

Animal Advocates is a non-profit animal rescue and education organization. We are located in the Los Angeles County area but serve most of California and some parts of the United States through our network of sister rescue organizations.

We work with local city and private animal shelters, schools, private groups and other rescue organizations to rescue and rehabilitate domestic and wild animals. We foster and re-home domestic animals in our homes. We also foster and release wild animals in association with licensed wildlife rehabilitators and vets.

We educate the public about domestic animal issues such as spay/neuter, proper pet care, pet health and pet guardian etiquette. We also educate about wild animal issues such as living in harmony with nature, what to do if you find an orphaned wild animal and how to keep wild animals healthy and happy.

If you're in the neighborhood, why not show them a little love. If not, contact them to find a similar group in your area.


Blogger shrimplate said...

If you look at a map of Phoenix, my home sits squarely in the middle. Yet several times I have seen a coyote or two trotting right on down along the local streets, sometimes veering over into the neighbor's yards.

Maybe it's the refuge afforded by the vast mountain parks that characterize Phoenix, the canal trails that criss-cross the valley's cities, and the Rio Salado riverbed.

We used to live on the southern edge of Papago Park and I often saw coyotes while I jogged there, and sometimes we watched them in the patch of desert across Van Buren Street from our apartment. Papago golf course is full of delicious little bunnies. I suspect that drew the coyotes.

I admire them.

9:56 AM  

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