Friday, February 22, 2008

Those Bigtime Rumors

The grey lady, NYTimes of course, is getting it from all sides, next thing you know there will be a Special Persecutor - a pantysniffer like Ken Starr.

For publishing a story about the potential scandal of either:
(1) candidate for President McCain having a bimbo; or is it:
(2) that straighttalking, above scandal since Keating 5, POW John giving a big boost to telcoms while getting lots of funding from those telcoms?
NYTimes is on the rightwingers' hit list once again.

Although we lefties know very well that the NYTimes is far from the librul media that the right insists it is whenever the facts don't please them, it's back to their old refrain that our media is all about putting DFH commies in power and making corporate money flee this persecution by taking those silly ol' laws seriously.

The other side of this ugly rumor milling is the hate email traffic about Obama being black and not like the Jim Crow plug uglies.

An unsourced email being disseminated claims that "someone taped former Muslim Barack HUSSEIN Obama at a black church when he was in South Carolina" and that Obama said:

It's clear that we give too much money to Israel. [cheers] Why... do you know that every American gives approx .20 cents A DAY to Israel? [jeers] We keep hearing how tough the Israelis are... how great an 'ally' they are... --but what if we gave the SAME AMOUNT of money we gave THEM to the poor Palestinians--I bet THAT would bring them finally to the table. We could have a two-state solution... a two-state solution--just like former President Carter outlined in his latest book. We can't have peace in the Middle East until we solve that problem down in Palestine. George Bush should have thought about that before he went into Iraq...[etc.]

The email goes on to note that Obama sounds "a GREAT DEAL like Malcolm X." It asks, "Instead of the 'Manchurian Candidate,' is Obama the secret 'Farrakan Candidate'"? It then seeks to explain his purported anti-Israel bias:

Will Barrack's [sic] Muslim roots cause him to favor the Palestinians against Israel?

Because he's a "person of color," will Obama be more sympathetic to 3rd World Peoples' struggles in that they have "darker skin" like him?

Does Obama distrust the lighter-skinned, more "European"-looking Israelis and tend to favor the "darker complexioned" Palestinians and other Arabs (al Qaeada? [sic]) because his Muslim African father and cousins?

Do I really need to remind you that McCain was the recipient of this sort of scurrility in his campaign, delivered by the Rove-Bush camp?

What lends these undisclosed sources, unfortunately, is that your standard voter has been shown that newspapers weren't reporting news in the lead-up to the Iraq war, because they had been intimidated by the war criminals in the executive branch. Now we all know that under pressure the major newspapers will hide the facts so we can be played for fools, that the press will ignore facts and let the nation brought down.

The internet is getting there, and most of us now get the facts from, and listen to, blogs we've learned will not take lies for truth, and if they are fooled, will correct themselves and be corrected by us fellow bloggers.

Sadly, there is that rightwing scum that used the chain email to spread stories no one would believe except for having it sent to them by some one they trust. Most, but not the rightwing, on the internet have learned it's not necessarily true if it comes from Uncle Redneck or the Office Underground.

Still, the rumors are getting spread around.

I grew up in the South, so I'm not surprised. There is always some one who will want really badly to find out that anyone outstanding, such as our first black candidate for president, really proves all the nasty suspicions she/he has about those strange dark people. A recidivist element wants to be sure we all know the other colored folks aren't to be trusted, or voted into high office.

I'm definitely at the point that I have to have several sources that I know will prove out before I believe anything.

John McCain wants to send my grandkids to fight and die to keep war profiteering in the red. I don't care if he has 100 bimbos, he's welcome to them, but he can't have my grandkids.

Barack Obama belongs to a religion that thinks my grandkids are going to hell, I don't think much of that either. But at least he's not personally involved in sending them there.

The facts are much more important than the accusations and rumors. Sorry if they're not as exciting.

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Blogger Candymarl said...

Now why am I not surprised?

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain is not going to get my grandchildren either! He can plan and puff, talk and strutt all about a hundred years of war or staying.

I haven't heard him utter one word of where he intends to gather this army or how the hell he intends to pay for it!

It's all stupid campaign talk anyway. Stoopid, stupid, and even more...

stew ped!


10:02 AM  

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