Sunday, June 29, 2008

Facts For Libruls Only

Maybe I've had an up close and personal enough encounter with energy concerns that I have acquaintance with the fines soon coming to polluters of the environment? Having before retirement worked with a company that had a technology for capturing (sequestering) emissions from coal in energy production, I do know that an expense that is in the works for energy plants will be fines for air pollution... but how is that a surprise to the TX Governor's Competitive Council?

The plan that Council has recommended would shift to coal-powered plants for energy, but without any consideration for cleaning up the coal burning process. That leaves me open-mouthed, and it has the same effect on editorial writers at the Dallas Morning News.

A draft of the 2008 Texas State Energy Plan argues that adding "large amounts" of coal-fired power to the grid would be an effective way to reduce electricity prices. At the same time, the council denounces carbon dioxide regulations that would make coal a costly proposition.

Relying on pollution-intensive Texas lignite to power the state's future is not just environmentally irresponsible, it's also a foolhardy approach.

There is little doubt that Congress soon will put a price on carbon. Texas already spews more greenhouse gases than any other state, and emissions regulations will be expensive for polluters. Instead of preparing for life after climate change legislation, the Competitiveness Council is digging in, trying to wish away what officials deem Draconian measures.
Right now, the state's energy plan depends on wishful thinking and convincing Congress to forgo carbon regulations. The council declares that Washington needs a Texas perspective in the climate change debate.

Apparently, Texas needs a reality check.

The problem the right wing has with the real world is growing, and spreading. Acknowledging the facts increasingly is relegated to the libruls. I think a real sense of relief is descending on the GoPervs in realizing they are about to have the burden of dealing with that real world - where facts have a librul bias - soon be taken away from them. It certainly is a relief to those of us who haven't rejected reality.

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