Friday, August 29, 2008

A Few Pictures from That Trip to England

What stones?

Stonehenge and Me. Oh, and the architects had just found a plaque left by Robert Newell, a prominent archeologist who did a lot of studying Stonehenge, and a fellow less know, named Young (hmmmmm) - that left a bunch of unearthed bones found in the 56 Aubrey holes that seem to be connected to burials or ceremonies, [who said cannnibalism?], that went on in the stones, to later archaeologists with the technology to find out more about them. There were some celebrating archaeologists, because the technology is really there to tell them more about those bones.

That raven on top of the upper stone thinks he's very essential. Oh, yes, this is Stonehenge.

The Romans had the intention of staying in good standing with the locals, so they named the hot springs the Sulis springs after the local goddess.

Here I am having my Bath, and that's the new haircut. It's very easy care.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool pix,Ruth! Are you still there, or have you returned?

I'm headed over next month.


1:57 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Back last night. Wunnnerful stuff. I recommend much use of the tube pass in London,get off and on and explore. I walked along the Thymes all one day, even visited Potters Field to say hi to my kind of ancestors. Anything I can tell you about,or Avedon can?

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll mostly be in the northern part, Yorkshire and the Midlands. We have rail passes, so we, also, can get on and off to see things.
Should be nice in late September.


2:54 PM  

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