Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Catblogging

Jocabel, my very feral cat, likes to take me for walks. This week she had a pear tree in bloom and some jonquils to show me. She blends in with the scenery sometimes, as you can see.

This morning we had a 'blue norther', and temperatures are down in the 50's now, from 80F yesterday.



Anonymous Betsy said...

Hey Cab, I know you live near me but am not quite sure where. I am in Denton and read your blog every day. I was in the garden sweating and turning red like a pumpkin about 4:00 yesterday. Just now I was out there in my jacket! My feral cat got older and just decided to come in and live on the bed. Just like that! Had a semi feral dog do that one time too. Who says animal's aren't smart! Anyway it's fun when you comment on Dallas or the weather and I know all about it.
Yours is a good political and Texas blog and I enjoy it.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Thanks, Betsy, and I am in Sherman. Sort of. It's a rural corner with a town address. I suspect this feral cat will not be happy indoors, even tho she dominates the two indoor cats when I bring her in on really cold nights. Tonight we're expecting the 20's here, but that's not really cold to her. Glad you enjoy the Dallas suburb comments, I used to work in Dallas. It's a pain to get in there now.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Betsy said...

Wow that was yesterday. Now I'm sitting at the computer and the wind is pouring in the crack in the back door even past the insulating strip. I gardened most of the day YESTERDAY. Today me and the cats and dogs and hubby are huddling inside--a few warm days and we all become wimps! Sherman isn't that far away and we both get the same weather, you just get it an hour or two sooner!
As I said, enjoy the blog. I am pretty much of a lurker but I'm there!

12:08 PM  

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