Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Somebody Did Anticipate

On that familiar trail of those who did anticipate, a citation to Susan who warned us about Stanford Financial back when. Here's her blog on the subject.

February 17 - Some days are just more fun than others.
Remember how I promised you that Stanford Financial was headed into a dead end street on a back alley filled with federal agents during a blue norther?
Well, if I say it's Christmas, you better buy some twinkling lights, because I do know what I'm talking about upon occasion.

Washington, D.C., Feb. 17, 2009 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Robert Allen Stanford and three of his companies for orchestrating a fraudulent, multi-billion dollar investment scheme centering on an $8 billion CD program.

And remember how I told you that Tom DeLay used to protect them, but now that Tom's hid out so good that you can't find him with a map and Tonto, Texas Senator John Cornyn has stepped forward to fill the rascal vacuum.

According to Cornyn's Senate disclosure reports -- posted on the site Legistorm.com, which tracks privately financed trips by members of Congress -- the Stanford Financial Group paid for the Texas senator and an unnamed companion to take a November 2004 trip down to Antigua and Barbuda, the tiny Caribbean nation where the company has its headquarters.

Also fun is the fact that Cornyn took an undisclosed "companion" on the trip with him. Oh, please, Sweet Jesus, let it be Tom DeLay, Lulu the Pavement Princess, or Natasha the Commie Spy.

I won't go through using all her links, you have to go over there to pick up on them. There were not all idiots operating the past eight years, just a suckup media full of punditto transcribers that said there were, because that made them feel like geniuses.

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