Sunday, March 15, 2009

Those Yurpeans

I believe that I finally heard something on Meet The Press that was worthwhile. Katy Kay said that if you had lost your job in the European countries you had health care and your children were still getting an education, so why should you have to pay to clean up the mess that we have made.

I am not one of those upper .01% in income, so that last 10 years of tax cuts for that percentile have not benefited me. On the other hand, I have reached the age of being able to go on Social Security, so my years of working have given me that benefit. I do, however, realize that the work of most of my fellowmen have gone to benefit the rich, and they are in desperate straits if they have lost their jobs.

President Obama has been elected by those of us who have realized that our hours at work have been taken away from us. We need to shove a bit harder. What is called by wingnuts 'socialized medicine' is the opposite of for-profit medicine. An insurance industry denies health care that the public needs, and is paying for. Their profits are between us and basic needs, and that has to change. The insurance moguls are determined to keep it that way and they are spending our money, in the form of premiums, to lobby against us.

Yes, I just got my insurance bill. In August I will be eligible for Medicare. Will I pay for another five months for insurance, which I have never needed, and which supports lobbying against my interests? I'm thinking hard about that one.

As to education, I always paid for that through my taxes. My children went to school in Montgomery County, MD, at the highest tax rate in the country. My son's first grade teacher spelled her country's name Ameruca. No, I'm not kidding. In the evenings, over dinner, I read to my children. That probably did as much good as their attendance at school.

This country is in very big trouble. I am hopeful that from the economic stress they have brought on, the wingers will be forever out of power. We need to be diligent in making sure our children inherit a country that protects its workers. The abuse of our working people has brought disaster to everyone it's been inflicted on.

The whole world is watching, again.

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