Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day from the Norwegian Jade!

Okay so the Spanish keyboard is a little different, YOU try getting @ without a shift key.

The first thing I saw flying in from Philadelphia was the mountainous coastline, and on the wonderful craggy mountains, there were windmills shining in the morning sun. Windmills on all the highest mountaintops, with high velocity lines running off to the inner areas. Energy from the wind, it's beautiful. The mountains flying into the Madrid area still were covered with snow at the tops, with occasional small villages and roads but not exactly crowded.

As we approached Madrid, the scene was very different from suburbs in the states, with their innumerable single-family dwellings and roads that go to each house. Here, I noticed, there are developments of multi-family homes and apartment houses, surrounded by parks. In the approach to Madrid, there were any number of orchards that had to be olives. And to confirm that, every shop in the airport had a huge selection of different types of olives, some even had truffles. Sadly, I didn't get enough time to go to Madrid - the Philadelphia take-off was delayed for a few hours.

Maybe it's a specialized taste, but I think it's exciting to have two-level flushes on toilets as well. At the Hotel H10 Marina in Barcelona, I learned how to use those two levels. I can choose to save water! That's not something I've encountered at any hotel in the states, if you have, please let me know. Also at the hotel, a request for saving water, though I've seen that in the states before.

Of course, in addition to the energy saving devices at hand, small cars predominate, with a good smattering of bicycles and motorscooters that have parking equipment everywhere along the streets. Of course I'm right on the shore here in Barcelona, but I have noticed absolutely no pollution. The sea is bright and clear as the sky, as well.

Now I'm on board, and just learning to use the internet here, thankfully with a standard U.S. keyboard that I am familiar with. And delighted that I have two level flush on the toilets, here, too.

Now for more free all I can eat sushi and stir fry.

Tomorrow I will visit with more informative posts. For today, hello again, wishing you all well.



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Hope you have a great time, Ruth! See you in a few months...

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