Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Bliss

Finding eschatonia at Blissfest by following BarnDog signing was a cinch. Thanks to Feral Liberal for the photo.

Dragonfly searches for the 'aqua' in VA's aquatic t-shirt scene. (Look closely, it's perched on your left, midriff area, tail descends over heron.)

Van Riper; Mr V4VA, (Paul), and Feral Liberal threaten to jump if we don't let them have the roast beef for dinner.

Sunrise, U.P. pre-Blissfest.

Gathered around Barndog's camper, a standing Fokowi, Woody, Bob the coffee artist, and Edie the masseuse (artist, too).

Adam;s family; Vicki, Jen, Hamhock.

Okay, somewhat pre-Blissfest, Adam as a small hock.



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