Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Unsurprising News

It's a rare day that the New York Times links to the Washington Post in an editorial, yet that's what I discovered this morning.

The subject is the heavy fund raising done by newly elected Republican members of Congress, you know, those people who campaigned vigorously on the promise that each would personally change Washington if he or she were elected. Well, the first order of business for these freshman congress critters have been to hold fundraisers, inviting those folks from K Street to drop by for a $2,500-$5,000 breakfast with the new champions of populist politicians (yes, an oxymoron, but I couldn't resist).

Here's a tidbit from WaPo:

Dozens of freshmen lawmakers have held receptions at Capitol Hill bistros and corporate townhouses in recent weeks, taking money from K Street lobbyists and other powerbrokers within days of their victories. Newly elected House members have raised at least $2 million since the election, according to preliminary Federal Election Commission records filed last week, and many more contributions have yet to be tallied.

Now, the response from the NYT:

The high-spending campaign that ended in November was odious enough, but there is something even more unsavory about giving to a candidate after the election, when the outcome is known and the link between power and currying favor is even more evident.

Sure looks like business as usual in Washington to me.

Oh, and to you jubilant tea partiers?

Welcome to our world.

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Anonymous Jamie said...

Oh come now. Our new tea party Congress critters are taking bribes already. It must be pert of the Congress critter orientation program.

3:09 PM  

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