Monday, July 18, 2011

Let Them Know

Further to last night's Sunday Poetry, I have a suggestion for getting our message out to the Democratic Party: let them know that there will be no money sent for the 2012 national campaigns until the Democrats start acting like Democrats.

That's what Christopher Tucker did in response to one of the endless stream of emails and telephone calls from various elements of the national party soliciting donations. Here's his response:

Here's the final revision of the letter I just printed out to Steve Israel, chairman of the DCCC, replying to one of his GIVE US MONEY emails to me.

July 18, 2011

Dear Steve:

I got an email from you the other day. Seems you're "tired" of something. You actually never mention in the body of the email exactly what it is you're "tired of". You DO go into detail about what you want me to do.

"Contribute $20 or more right now to our Emergency Rapid Response Fund to help us send a $100,000 message to Speaker Boehner: We will defeat Republicans who try to slash Social Security and Medicare while protecting tax breaks for multi-millionaires."

Steve, you want to know what I'm tired of?

I am tired of the DCCC, the DSCC, The DLC, and every other group in D.C. with "Democrat" in its name not barging into the Oval Office and telling President Obama to GODDAMN STOP KISSING THE GOP's ASS!

I am tired of waiting for a united Democratic force in D.C. to tell President Obama that Social Security and Medicare are NOT ON ANY GODDAMNED TABLE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, FOR ANY REASON!

I am tired of waiting for a united Democratic force in D.C. to tell President Obama to lead, follow or get the goddamned hell out of the way, and let REAL DEMOCRATS lead the country.

That's what I'm tired of.

What you're tired of doesn't mean a fat rat's ass to me.

Because right now, President Obama does not get a penny from me. He doesn't get a second of my time or labor. He DOES NOT GET MY VOTE. Not until I see a united Democratic front and a united Democratic message vigorously and publicly opposing, and fighting against the GOP agenda to destroy the public workers unions, the teachers unions, environmental legislation, and all the other things the GOP supports that are dragging this nation down into Third World status.

I'll contribute to local Democrats here in Massachusetts and here in Boston. But nothing for any other Senator, any other Representative, or President Obama. Not until you and all the other Democratic organizations in D.C. give me a reason to give them and President Obama money.

The ball's in your court Steve. Don't wait too long, though.

Because I'm tired of waiting for all that "change" I was promised a few years ago to happen.


Christopher H. Tucker

I believe that states our case quite nicely. If enough of us send the same message, maybe the Party that is supposed to represent us, not the fat cats, will realize that we can't be taken for granted anymore. Maybe they'll get the hint that while we'll donate what little money we have, will volunteer our time, and will vote for state and local candidates who are more than DINOs, we won't for those at the national level who have sold us down the river.

I urge you to send the same letter every time you get one of those fund raising appeals. Modify it to fit the circumstances, but send it or read it to those making the calls.

Do it.



Anonymous Missouri Bird said...

Off topic--I heard from RAlphie--he's ok. Just away from the innertubes...

8:39 AM  
Blogger the bewilderness said...

I hear ya! When they stand up I will pony up. Until then, not another dime.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

I just used your template to send the same letter to James Carville, since he lent his name to the latest DCCC fund-raising spam to hit my inbox. Thanks for the inspiration!

8:57 AM  

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