Saturday, September 03, 2011

Dick Who?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is getting a lot of attention these days as he goes from television appearance to radio talk show to interviews pushing his new book which purports to tell us what really went on during the last administration ("Heads will explode"). I have to admit that this latest attempt at historical revisionism does sound intriguing, so much so that I would probably buy and read the book if someone else paid for it. Those who would like to see my head explode are welcome to hit the "Donate" button located here on the upper right of the page and to donate the cash to my Pay Pal account. I promise to use the money to buy the book from Amazon and to pay the sales tax.

Just as intriguing as the book, however, have been Mr. Cheney's comments on today's affairs, especially those relating to the Republican campaigns for the 2012 nomination. Mike Memoli of the Los Angeles Times details some of those comments in his latest column.

First up is Cheney's assessment of one of the "candidates" who still has not announced whether or not she is going to actually run for president.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney suggested Friday that Sarah Palin lacked the "thick skin" needed to serve even in the nation's No. 2 role, the latest critique of a would-be GOP president as part of his book tour.

In an interview with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, Cheney said he's "never gotten around the question" of why Palin resigned as governor of Alaska in the middle of her first and only term.

"I've never heard that adequately explained so that I could understand [it]," Cheney said. "I'd still like to know more about that."

Oh, please.

I've used lots of adjectives to describe the former Vice President, but disingenuous is certainly one that I've never uttered, and I don't think it's appropriate at this point. I guess Mr. Cheney is being a gentleman, or maybe just being coy. He isn't quite so coy when it comes to the rest of the candidates, however.

Earlier this week, Cheney sounded lukewarm at best when asked to give his assessment of the field of announced candidates for the GOP nomination.

"We badly need a Ronald Reagan. Now, do we have that yet in the Republican field? I don't know," he told CNBC's Larry Kudlow. "I haven't endorsed anybody yet, and I expect to support the Republican nominee, but they have a lot to show me before I'll be enthusiastic about any one of those candidates."


Mr. Cheney apparently is discovering that this is no longer our daddy's Republican Party. Reagan's name may still be invoked in sanctified tones, but the GOP has moved on (and mostly on to the right). The old guard has, at least at this point, lost control. Money is pouring into the campaign coffers of people like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul is getting serious attention even when he declaims that FEMA is a waste of taxpayer dollars, and even Newt Gingrich is touting a "new way" to win power.

I doubt that any of the current crop gives a flying fig what Mr. Cheney thinks. His day is past. He's old. He needs a new heart. He should just sell his book and then be quiet.

To which I would add, "and he should not plan on any international travel."

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Blogger ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

On many issues, Obama is to the right of Ronald Reagan.

His D.O.J. has picked up where G.W. Bush and company left off when it comes to persecuting whistle-blowers.

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