Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Things That Make You Go "Wow!"

It appears that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are having some success. Not only has the phenomenon finally forced the mainstream media to notice, it has also spread to other cities across the US, including Laid Back Los Angeles. And here's the amazing part, at least some members of a local government body have noticed.

At an L.A. City Council meeting, a representative of the Occupy L.A. group in front of City Hall invited members to take a tour of the demonstration site. After the session ended, council members did just that. Not only did they go down to greet the protesters, two had a message for them.

From the Los Angeles Times:

It is customary that any time someone has news to share, the entire group echoes the words of the speaker, to make sure everyone hears. So when a man shouted out, "We’ve got two guests today who want to talk to the General Assembly,” the whole crowd repeated him.

“Do I hear any objections?” he asked. There were none.

Rosendahl and Garcetti, the two council members who remained, called for equality in fiery speeches. When Garcetti shouted, “This is your City Hall!” the crowd repeated, "This is our City Hall!"

“Stay as long as you need," Garcetti told them. "We’re here to support you.”

Rosendahl said he hopes to introduce a resolution supporting the demonstrators during Wednesday's City Council meeting.

Imagine that.

Are you listening, President Obama?

Are you listening, Harry Reid?

Are you listening, Nancy Pelosi?



Anonymous larry, dfh said...

They're deaf. Their hearing aids, however, take credit cards.

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