Saturday, February 23, 2013

Delusional Or Paid For

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Wow, I turn my back on David Horsey for a couple of days and he roars back with a pip of a column.  In this one he takes aim at the GOP, kicks some butt, and doesn't even bother with taking names.

Republicans make the claim that their party represents the concerns of average, hard-working, family-centered Americans. It is a curious claim, given that their party unfailingly opposes any measure that gives those average Americans a break.

Average Americans struggle to pay for their kids' college tuitions. Their incomes have stagnated. They have lost jobs. They have been screwed over by mortgage companies and banks. They have seen their 401(k) retirement savings decimated and pensions disappear.

Yet, the Republicans who claim to be their champions consistently side with the big banks and financial industry players who gambled with home mortgages, ransacked pension systems and nearly brought the economy to collapse. They side with unscrupulous business interests instead of powerless consumers. They limit financial aid to students and cut funding for higher education. They target unions that once were able to win decent incomes for workers, instead favoring corporations that cut wages, lay off employees and demand more work from those remaining on the job. They oppose extensions of unemployment compensation and fight against increases in the minimum wage.

In all situations, Republicans act as if their only motivation is to protect the interests of business owners, big corporations and Wall Street.    [Emphasis added]

David tries to play fair, suggesting that the Republicans simply have not learned that their current posture is like that of Calvin Coolidge:  the Free Market will cure everything.  They simply have forgotten what resulted from Coolidge's approach.  Me, I think that's only part of it.  I also think they've discovered that it pays to be delusional, and pays quite handsomely. 

Unfortunately for the rest of us, a lot of Democrats are operating with the same funds.  They just speak a better line.

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