Friday, February 01, 2013

What A Surprise

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(Editorial cartoon by Jack Ohman / Sacramento Bee (January 30, 2013) and featured at McClatchy DC.  Click on image to enlarge.)

This headline caused me to blink:  "Wal-Mart limits ammunition sales as demand soars."  Naturally I read the article, and I was soon disabused of any misconception that Wal-Mart was showing some good citizenship.

A month after a massacre at a Connecticut elementary school, demand for ammunition is so high that Wal-Mart is limiting sales to keep supply stable.

As of last week, customers nationwide will only be able to purchase three boxes a day from the mega-retailer because “supply is limited,” said spokeswoman Ashley Hardie.

She declined to speculate on the reasons behind the surge in interest, but said the company is “monitoring supply issues daily and working with suppliers to ship ammunition to stores.”

“We’re taking care of as many customers as possible,” Hardie said.   [Emphasis added]

Gotta keep those blue-light special shoppers happy, even if it does mean multiple trips to the store.  Who knows?  Maybe shoppers will pick up a few things besides bullets with each visit.

The business of America is business.

I knew that.

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