Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evil Abounds

I wasn't going to post on the horrific tragedy which occurred Monday in Boston.  It seemed just too painful.  But after reading David Horsey's column on it, I figured it might help take the edge of the pain I am feeling.

The terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon is yet another cause for despair. It places the hometown of Paul Revere, Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty in company with Mumbai, Karachi and Baghdad, as well as Oklahoma City. ...

The central question now is, who is that person or group? Is this the action of a foreign terrorist organization with a gripe against the United States or, like Nidal Malik Hasan, a homegrown killer in sympathy with a distant cause? Is it someone like Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, a coldblooded militant sprung from the darkest cesspool of American paranoia? Or is the perpetrator in the mold of Ted Kaczynski, a sociopathic loner with a purpose that makes sense only in his own sick mind?

Whoever it is, we do know this: If anything in this world qualifies as evil, this is it.    [Emphasis added]


One of the three dead is a child.  A child who did not get to see his father finish the race.  A child who will not grow up.  And the carnage took limbs from racers and viewers alike, presumably for some agenda, one we may never know about.

There were some remarkably fine actions and reactions to the horror.  Marathoners who saw what happened ahead of them kept running past the finish line to the medical aid tent to give blood right then and there.  So did some bystanders.  The angelic nature kicked in immediately.

But now we will go through the anxiety of the investigation phase.  Will the perpetrator be a home-grown terrorist (because I believe this was terrorism), or a foreign agent?  Will the feds identify him?  And will this country and the rest of the world respond the way it did after 9/11 and roll back even more of our rights?

I cried, and still cry when I consider all of this.

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