Thursday, April 11, 2013


(Cartoon by Steve Sack and published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune 4/4/13.  Click on image to enlarge and then hustle back.)

Generally, when the home town newspaper publishes a story setting forth the lack of veracity of a politician, that politician is in some kind of hot water.  Michele Bachmann is about to find out whether that holds for her as well.

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Congressional ethics watchdogs are looking into allegations of financial misdeeds in her presidential campaign. Separately, a former Bachmann Iowa campaign worker has sued over her campaign's use of an email list. That matter has also resulted in a criminal investigation.

In answer to a question about the concerns, Bachmann said on Tuesday that none of the allegations are true.

"There’s political motivations that are involved because I've been named as the number one target (for) defeat by the Democrat Party, by Nancy Pelosi and also by SuperPACs so, you know no one can know anyone’s thoughts or intents, but clearly it looks like it’s politically motivated. And they’re not true," she said. "I’m working very closely with the people that are involved to make sure that we answer all the questions and we get to the bottom of it and I’m thoroughly convinced that I'll be cleared."

Despite Bachmann’s assertions to the contrary, the legal and ethical charges that have been leveled against her have all come from members of her own presidential campaign staff.

On Tuesday, Bachmann denied that the questions about her campaign have come from Republicans, not Democrats.   [Emphasis added]

Michele, Michele, Michele.  Never lie about something that can be checked out or easily verified, especially if there are court records involved.  Waffle a little, but don't categorically deny.

And here's the sad part for the rest of us.  The Democratic Party decided not to spend money to support the Dem running against here in 2012.  If it had funded the campaign, Bachmann would not be sitting in the House of Representatives right now and wouldn't be gearing for another presidential run in 2016.

Oh, well.

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