Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Well? Is She Going To Run Or Not?

(Cartoon by Jim Morin / Miami Herald (January 17, 2014. Click on Image to enlarge.)

The January 27, 2014 issue of Time magazine has a really good article by David Von Drehle on Hillary Clinton as a potential candidate for the presidency in 2016.  It deals primarily with whether or not she has made a decision as to running for the post.  While I suspect she has already decided, she (and her camp of supporters) are being very coy as to just what the decision is.  The article suggests that coyness is for several very good reasons.

Here's the key idea:

How long can this go on? Longer than you might think. The typical reasons for a candidate to "decide" -- credibility with donors and voters, access to media, ability to recruit staff, leverage to secure endorsements -- wouldn't move Clinton because she already has those things.  There's not a door she can't open nor a camera she can't command. [Emphasis added]

Well, being the cover story (once again) of Time certainly gives credence to Von Drehle's thesis, and in all likelihood she will be the cover story several more times in the near future.  And 2+ years out is a little early for any kind of formal declaration.

 In the meantime,   Republicans will keep Clinton in their sights, with Benghazi and any other disaster they can dredge up and link her to. 

Silly rabbits!

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