Thursday, June 05, 2014

Last Gasp?

(Cartoon by Mike Luckovich and published 6/3/14 in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Click on image to enlarge.)

The head of the EPA and President Obama have announced a new rule which is intended to cut CO2 pollution and to clean our air.  Like most of President Obama's "initiatives", the move is at best a modest one, a baby step, if you will.

But the critics aren't happy, especially those with a financial stake in coal and oil-burning power plants, in other words, our owners are not happy, even if we can't breathe.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy offered a blunt defense Monday of the Obama administration’s new rule to cut carbon dioxide pollution, touting its benefits against mounting criticism from the coal industry and some members of Congress.

“Given the astronomical price we pay for climate inaction, the most costly thing we can do is to do nothing,” McCarthy told a room full of staff members and environmental allies at the EPA headquarters in Washington.

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