Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Things I Wish I'd Said

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I've come to the conclusion that Ted Rall really is a national treasure.  Not only are his cartoons brilliant, but the comments attached to the cartoons at his blog are deadly on target.  Here's the succinct analysis he posted June 23, 2014:
 As Iraq spirals into sectarian civil war, one of the recurring stories on American media outlets is the mixed feelings of the American veterans who served in the invasion and subsequent occupation. While it’s understandable that they are wondering whether their sacrifices were worth it (hint: no way), shouldn’t we be giving at least equal time to the Iraqis who are living through the consequences of our war there?   [Emphasis added]
Good question, one that we probably won't see raised or answered in the US press or even mentioned by the Administration anytime soon.
I guess we're too close to July 4th.  It wouldn't be prudent.

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