Saturday, October 18, 2008

His Radical Past

The McCain campaign has made a big deal about Sen. Obama's relationships with "radicals" and "terrorists," a campaign tactic that has received enormous press coverage. What hasn't been explored by our press is Sen. McCain's own connection with "radicals" of the far-right variety, a subject I found covered in French news outlet on line.

Things are not improving for John McCain. While he is slipping even farther down in the polls, the republican candidate now has to face accusations over his contacts with the extreme right. The Arizona senator has, in effect, sat on the US Council for World Freedom in the early 1980s, an organization close to former Nazis.

This is a new blow to John McCain's already difficult campaign. Largely behind in the polls, the Republican candidate now must face accusations of collusion with the American extreme right. When he began his political career in the 1980s, the Arizona senator had in fact sat on the board for the US Council for World Freedom. The organization was first a member of the World Anti-Communist League (now the World League for Freedom and Democracy), but is mostly was tied to former Nazi collaborators and the death squads in South America. ...

The “US Council for World Freedom” was implicated in a scandal over the supply of arms to opposition extreme right movements in Central America, which were partly financed by the secret sales of illegal arms to Iran. Elected to the House of Representatives while he was still a member of the organization, John McCain voted in 1982 in favor of military aid destined to support the Contras, a paramilitary group supported by the CIA, in their struggle against the left wing Sandinista government of Nicaragua.

Now there's a savory bunch of "pals," eh?

When word of Sen. McCain's connection with the U.S. Council for World Freedom surfaced, his campaign went into overdrive, finding and passing out copies of Sen. McCain's letter of resignation from the group and a letter he wrote some time thereafter asking that his name be removed from the group's letterhead. Apparently the young Congressman's flirtation with the group looked to be a real liability if he wished to continue his political career, so he dumped them, as well he should have.

A youthful indiscretion? Probably. Here's the problem, however. Our press sure didn't spend much ink or many electrons pointing out the issue. I had to go over to Watching America to find out about it. I guess our liberal press didn't think it was particularly interesting or timely.

No surprise there.

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Thanks for this info; I had never heard about it. But the really important question: will this make anna marie cocks love him any less?

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