Saturday, September 05, 2009

That One -- Part 2

I'm getting back into my blogging routine, slowly but surely. Today I made my first trip to Watching America in over a month. There were lots of articles on the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, which was certainly no surprise, and several on President Obama's foreign policy and economic policy. One article which stood out for me, however, proved to be a nice continuation on the theme from my earlier post today (scroll down one).

Written by Anjum Niaz, columnist for Pakistan's, the piece has an interesting take on the battering President Obama is taking from the conservatives in this country, especially as articulated by those whose very sanity appears in question.

A jumbled whole new world of madness, goofballs, racism, hatred, abuse and intolerance, in the name of freedom of speech, has opened before me in America. Had the ‘birthers’ (I’ll tell you in a moment who these scum are) been in Pakistan, they would by now have swelled the ‘missing persons’ list. Our gung-ho intelligence agencies would have done them in. Or our interior czar, Rehman Malik, would have put the kibosh on them as he’s trying to do with SMS messages that ‘insult’ President Zardari. But this is America and you’re free to clapperclaw Obama until it hurts real bad.

...These past three months I’ve been in America, the word ‘birthers’ has gained currency. Birthers are a bunch of white loony men and women who insist that Barack Obama was born in Kenya; is therefore a Kenyan; and hence disqualified from leading the Unites States as its president and supreme commander.

I have great news for the rest of the world: America the ‘Beautiful’ will turn black, brown and off-white around 2030. The whites therefore hate the thought of having a black in the White House today. Nor can they accept a Hispanic woman sit (sic) in the highest court of the land, especially when Justice Sonia Sotomayor has said she believed a ‘wise Latina’ would usually make better decisions than a white man! Big changes are afoot in America. Witnessing the gradual makeover is exciting.

While I hold the opinion that racism is just one element in the campaign against President Obama, I also recognize that it plays a very large role. That a citizen of a nation that is neither white nor Christian views the changing demographics in the US with a some glee isn't hard to understand, especially when his nation's very sovereignty is violated daily by unmanned drones, manned fighter planes, the CIA, and regular US troops, sometimes with, but usually without Pakistan's permission. The irony, of course, is that President Obama is continuing the arrogance of the last administration when it comes to policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Are the birthers and teabaggers and the armed "concerned citizens" at town hall meetings just the last gasp of an outdated power structure? I can only hope so. But getting there from here looks to be a very rocky road.



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