Saturday, May 21, 2005

Damn the Illegals...

but ignore the people who hire them.

The Washington Post has an interesting article on a sweep at some 'sensitive' sites:

The Department of Homeland Security yesterday arrested 60 illegal immigrants who worked at 12 critical infrastructure sites in six states, including seven petrochemical refineries, three electric power plants and a pipeline facility.

There is no evidence that any of the workers -- who come from Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala -- have any terrorist ties, said officials with the DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The Department of Homeland Security apparently had enough information as to the workers' illegal immigrant status to justify the raid. Why didn't the employer of said 'illegals' have that information (assuming for the moment that they did not).

The workers were all employed by Brock Enterprises of Beaumont, Tex., which provides maintenance workers to nuclear plants, chemical manufacturers and other industries. The company cooperated in the probe and is not a target of the investigation, ICE officials said. Many of the workers got the jobs by presenting phony documents to a hiring consulting firm that worked for Brock, officials said (emphasis added).

I am willing to accept that phony documents were provided. I am not willing to accept that the HR department Brock Enterprises had no way to check on the authenticity of the documents.

Until the feds start going after the employers of illegal immigrants, illegal immigration will continue. Any immigration bill that doesn't take this into consideration will be a stupid one, and, in my opinion, a rascist one on its face.


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