Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ouch! That's Gotta Leave a Mark

Condi Rice, Secretary of State Sponsored Terrorism, hasn't had an easy time of it. No matter where she goes and what she says, she always manages to put her expensively shod foot in it. Transmitting the lies, threats, and outrageous demands of the White Palace is hard work. Hard, I tell you. And what does she get for all this effort? Well, recently she received a rather resounding bitchslap from Mexico's La Jornada.

Recently, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice cast aside her impressive academic background and spoke as if she had never read anything other than Captain America or Superman comics. The terrorists, Rice said, lack any motive other than the desire to kill. As if it was only that simple.

...Even the most extreme instances of human violence, such as the cruelty brought about by Hitler's orders, or those of Stalin, Truman, Sharon, Saddam and the Bushes, still have recognizable causes and can be explained. When these leaders carried out massacres or destroyed defenseless towns and cities, they acted in the interest of irrational national plans, avaricious economic interests, and crazed geopolitical designs. The desire to kill doesn't come out of nowhere, and such is the case for presidential offices as well as the hovels where serial assassins hide from the authorities.

Just as in previous cases, there is a criminal attitude to be found in the Palestinian young men that arrive with dynamite and nails bound to their torsos to a place full of Israeli civilians, searching for the only kind of equality they can grasp with the inhabitants of the oppressing country: equality in death.

But the desire to kill comes later. First, you have a situation in which a community of people has been converted into livestock, or something worse, confined and in tatters on their own land, humiliated, plundered, and reduced to misery by a military power endowed with atomic fangs. The Israeli occupation has deprived the children, adults, and elderly of Gaza and the West Bank, as well as those that will be born in these lands, of the concept of a future. Their lives tick away as they live in intimidation and terror, suffering unjustifiable aggression, and enduring the dispossession of land and water, confiscation, banishment, and the threat of a missile falling on their homes, streets, cars and stores at any moment. In this land, one doesn't have to be a terrorist or even resemble one, to suffer the punishment and reprisal [meant for terrorists]. Countless children have crossed fields only to be shot and killed, and too many elderly women have been buried alive, pummeled by bulldozers.
[Emphasis added]

If Condi and her Emperor in Chief had even the slightest grasp on history, they would have realized this. But, then, perhaps this is all too nuanced for the muscular foreign policy the Emperor know, bombing and blowing things up.

Reality just isn't part of the equation for this regime. And the whole world is going to suffer for this death dealing flaw.


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