Saturday, April 29, 2006

What Our Friends Are Saying

Pakistan has served as a critical ally in our battles in Afghanistan. Its president has damaged his own credibility within that nation by cooperating with the Emperor in tracking and capturing Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives. Apparently that wasn't good enough for the Emperor, because he refused to give Pakistan the same deal he gave India (a long time and bitter enemy of Pakistan) for nuclear weapons. The Emperor even dissed Pakistan while explaining why the US wouldn't also give Pakistan a nuclear package. The fallout from that decision is now showing openly, as this piece from the Pakistani news outlet, The Frontier Post.

As to Bush's claim that God spoke to him to destroy the world, he must realize that God only speaks to his prophets and not to Don Quixote, an impractical idealist who champions hopeless causes and is a daydreamer, for he might act out his dream with open eyes to make it possible.

All the messengers of God came to spread love and peace, not to destroy humanity. It is not God's messenger but the devil that carries such delusory hallucinations. Bush and his cabal are following a radical ideology with unalterable objectives to enslave whole nations and intimidate the world.

The U.S., because of this jackboot policy, is hardly winning friends or influencing people, except negatively. Anti-American feeling has never been as rife or on such a global scale, despite the fact that Washington is spending billions of dollars on TV and radio propaganda, directed at altering the perceptions of people in the Middle East.

...Gone are the days when American citizens were revered around the world for their love of democracy, justice and human rights. They were once models to be emulated. Now the same models have got to the point where Americans invariably say they're Canadians when asked where they come from.

But to sustain public optimism, the Bush Administration struggles to keep old lies alive until new ones roll off the assembly line.

If Washington is serious about fighting terrorism and dampening anti-Americanism, it is going about it the wrong way. No matter how much it spends on propaganda, unless it changes the way it treats the rest of the world, anti-Americanism not only stays, but will certainly increase.
[Emphasis added]

Although I wouldn't compare the Emperor to the gentle and loveable Don Quixote, the writer of this piece does have a point: at this stage, Mr. Bush does appear to be delusional, and dangerously so. In other words, we've worn out our welcome in yet another country and part of the world.

Way to go, George.


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