Monday, May 29, 2006

What Some In Iraq Are Suggesting...

...makes too much sense for this regime.

At last tally, the bombings in Iraq today, Memorial Day, leave at least 33 dead, including two men who worked for the American media. At the same time, more word is surfacing on the US military action in Haditha which suggests that US Marines gunned down civilians, many women and children, apparently in revenge for the death of a Marine by a road side bomb. Yet the Emperor and his minions continue to call for us to stay the course, continue to tout the election of a new Iraqi government, continue to claim that success is just around the corner.

But what about the Iraqis? More of them have been slain in this misbegotten venture, and it is, after all, their country. What do they want? An editorial written by Fatih Abdulsalam in Iraq's Azzaman is pretty clear about what would be a good start:

There is no shame in talking to the Iraqi resistance, and if the U.S. were doing so, it would be nothing to hide. But the reality is that the U.S. thinks it embarrassing to talk directly to resistance groups, so it therefore relies on third parties. Much has leaked out in regard to these indirect talks, but no one can state firmly whether or not such talks have actually occurred. There are rumors of letters having been exchanged, but upon closer inspection, it can be surmised that nothing of the sort has taken place, while all evidence does suggest that military operations have continued unabated.

...Some might say that talking directly to terrorists and Saddamists would undermine American authority and expose the truth that no face-saving formula remains to deal with the resistance. But what kind of face-saving could they be talking about? Almost everyone involved with the Iraqi turmoil has already lost face.

...But experience over the past three years shows that the United States has failed to rectify Iraq's political situation, and the government that it protects is too weak to govern and withstand resistance attacks.

The Iraqi government is losing to the resistance, and Washington cannot win this fight. Is it not logical, then, for the U.S. to take the initiative? I understand how complex the situation has become. But at the same time, it is my conviction dialogue is the only remaining option left to save this country.
[Emphasis added]

The current regime objects vociferously whenever anyone compares Iraq to Viet Nam, and for good reason. The same delusionary thinking then is being repeated now, and with the same results. This regime should be trying to discover ways to save the faces of those in Iraq, American or Iraqi, instead of saving face for those sitting comfortably behind desks in Washington, D.C.

The time for direct talks with the insurgents (notice how they are no longer labeled terrorists even by our press) has come. We should not have to face another Memorial Day with news like we've received today, and every day for months.


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