Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who's Your Daddy?

Look, I know we're coming off a full moon, but some lunacy just can't be explained away that easily. From an editorial in today's NY Times:

As the Army’s suicide rate hits record levels in the Iraq war, there’s small wonder practically everyone in Congress wants to deal with the parallel emerging crisis of depressed veterans tempted to take their own lives. Everyone, that is, except Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma. He stands alone in blocking final passage of a suicide prevention bill in fear that the government’s record-keeping on troubled vets might somehow crimp their ability to purchase handguns. ...

The House has unanimously approved a measure mandating the screening of all veterans for suicide risk, but Senator Coburn worries that veterans’ medical data might be appropriated by other agencies to deny that all-encompassing right to wield arms on the domestic front.
[Emphasis added]

Only those whose tin foil hats need to be loosened more than a tad could make the kind of illogical leap implied in Sen. Coburn's stated concerns. It is somewhat troubling to think that one of our senators suffers from that kind of paranoia.

What is more troubling, however, is that it is possible that the good senator from Oklahoma does not really believe that the bill in question is intended to deprive veterans of their Second Amendment rights, that he instead is simply doing the bidding of one of his major campaign donors, the NRA.

Either/or, Senator Coburn's stance is outrageous, not to mention callous and stupid.




Anonymous Nora said...

If these Republicans cared half as much about the First Amendment rights of Americans as they do about Second Amendment rights, they would never have allowed half the shit that's happened over the last six years. Too bad the ACLU doesn't have the power of the NRA. What a sad comment on our nation.

6:33 PM  

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