Thursday, September 20, 2007

Public Property Stolen by White House

Just because it belongs to you, don't think that you are going to be allowed to see what went on in this administration. All that talk about letting history judge him has the cretin in chief really, really worried. So he's making sure it stays in his slimey hands.

There are probably many more lies yet to be spoken by the occupant of the White House, but that history will be the judge of his actions is another biggie. He's not about to let history know the extent of his criminality.

A fight over White House secrecy has taken a new twist, with Senate officials confirming Wednesday that a Republican senator is secretly blocking a bill that would reverse President Bush's 2001 executive order allowing ex-presidents to seal their records indefinitely.

"We need to smoke out whoever it is. Maybe somebody at the White House called a Republican senator and said put a hold on it," said Lee White, executive director of the National Coalition for History, a leading advocate of the legislation.

The anonymous hold adds an ironic chapter to a fight that has pitted an administration with a penchant for secrecy against historians, archivists and librarians.

The White House has threatened a veto to protect Mr. Bush's executive order, arguing that the bill to overturn it encroaches on legitimate executive authority.

Open government advocates say the order will let Mr. Bush and other former presidents hide embarrassing or revealing documents that belong to the public without explanation. They say it undermines the potential value of the Bush library planned at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

They're especially outraged that the order lets heirs of a deceased ex-president retain control over White House papers – a step legal scholars view as unprecedented and as an unlawful delegation of executive power.

Since the public already knows he's a war criminal, and the torture memo is already out, there must be really horrible stuff secreted away in the papers the c-i-c is so determined to keep from public knowledge.

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Blogger Dirk Gently said...

how fitting that an anonymous republicn is secretly blocking this bill.

i would like to ask all conservatives exactly what facet of original intent or stretch of national security necessity could possibly justify such an outrageous affront to open democracy? but i won't, because it gives me a headache to talk to them.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Tena said...

This is the best reason why that fucking presidential library they are trying to shove down our throats in Dallas is such a really big, and very bad, joke. What the fuck is going to be in it? From what I can tell - not very goddamn much and certainly not anything that will tell us what we really want and need to know.

So they can spare us the arguments about historical documents and scholars using the place to do research - hard to do research on comic books and gum wrappers.

11:22 AM  

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