Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Talk

If your mouth is still hanging open at hearing the new winger Veep choice invoke Hillary in her favor, you haven't been listening. The party of seven years' bad luck has nothing they can say about their basic beliefs that isn't a lie, to get votes. The principles of YOYO (You're On Your Own) have failed. We're in big trouble, and unless you are too rich to care, you can't take anymore of this failure.

My favorite talking point these days is the cry of socialism, that blast from the past the wingers are trying to color anything with that favors public interest. The maladministration has made its modus operandi the denial of anything that benefits the public, anything that promotes the individual - while calling that rugged individualism. The 'whiners' the right sees are citizens who are working to support themselves, and having the rewards of their effort stolen from them. Calling basic support 'socialistic' has become the credo of those who want your work to benefit them, not you.

Socialism, in case you forget, is what Yurop has used to give health care to its citizens, and to provide social systems that keep the needy from starving. That's what the wingers want to avoid here in the U.S., where jobs sent to other countries are encouraged by tax breaks under the existing leadership of the right.

It was great to listen to the Democratic convention, but what is about to occur in St. Paul does not compare. What the Democratic candidates were telling was factual, that this country is in desperate straits - what is about to promote the status quo is not believable. The only way to sell a failed policy is by lying about it.

A woman who wants to end freedom of choice for other women is not another Hillary. Gov. Pawlenty on MTP hailed her 'success with the economy of Alaska', though Alaska is supported not by any gubernatorial policy but by oil revenues. Her "expertise in energy", being promoted by Maria Bartiromo, is total dedication to destruction of the environment for more drilling. The moose and caribou are just more targets for the right wing, like you and me.

A candidate who is likely to say that he will privatize social security, a view that his own campaign disputes, is not interested in individuals' future. McAyn's friends on Wall Street are the only ones that will benefit from giving our future over to shaky investments.

The wellbeing of the country has been seriously damaged by the present occupants of the White House, and their 'friends' in the right wing are desperately trying to keep from acknowledging that. Accusations of inexperience are not scary when we see what the experience of present occupants of high office has wrought, which is disaster. The bugaboo of socialism does not obscure that machinations against the working people in this country has produced economic disaster, as their wages go offshore. The future of this society is being rapidly sold off to the nations we are sending our work and wages to.

Prayer in schools is more important to the wingers than food on your table. We have to remember that, and call what they are trying to sell us Lies, because that's what they're using.

When all else fails, the truth doesn't work for the failures. What the right wing will promote is wrong for all of us, and we have to refute their lies.

As a side note, it was hilarious to hear the panel on This Week agreeing it was a 'windfall' for the Grand Old Perverts that the convention won't have to listen to their infamous last choice fumbling around the podium.

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Anonymous ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Ruth, you'd be amazed by what you could read here.

I think though it's just an odd assortment of PUMAs with a helping of dittoheads thrown in.


9:31 AM  
Anonymous Eli said...

Safety nets are for the weak (and the rich)! The only safety net you need is your own bootstraps!

3:25 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

I read that, thunder, and yep a lot of crossing over to the winning side is going on, my post today at 11 CT is on that very thing.

Eli, dontcha love Obama's pointing out how hard it is to raise yourself by your bootstraps when you can't afford boots.

6:27 AM  

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