Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad Guys

Luckily, I didn't sink to watching Faux News, but today it seems that ex-Darth used it to make sure no one thought he had any respect for that wimpy peace stuff. Seems that the administration now trying to clean up his messes is his idea of naive and uninformed, and not even inclined to try that mutilating folks - that resoundingly succeeded in alienating the world from the U.S. for the eight years he spent in the executive branch.

Former vice president Dick Cheney and former Bush political guru Karl Rove could both be found on Fox News last night, preaching doom and spreading bile.

Fox last night aired the second half of an interview Cheney conducted with Sean Hannity.

Hannity asked if the Obama administration is "naive, that maybe they don't understand the nature of the war on terror?"

Cheney replied: "Yes, basically. I think there's -- the assumption seems to predominate on the other side that the reason there's been problems in the world is because of U.S. activity, U.S. conduct.

"We're the bad guys. We're the ones that lead people to become terrorists. We're the ones that generate the kind of criticism that has given al Qaeda an excuse to come attack the United States.

"I don't think that's true. I don't think they needed any excuse when they came here on 9/11, killed 3,000 of us. I don't think as we strip ourselves of important capabilities in terms of our interrogation program for detainees. I don't think there are members of al Qaeda out there around the world this morning that say, 'Oh, gee whiz, isn't that great? Barack Obama and his administration are no longer going to ask our guys tough questions when they are captured. Now, maybe we won't behead their people when they capture them.' I mean, it's just -- it says something about a mindset that I worry about very much...."

Hannity: He just doesn't have the courage to say it's a war on terror?... Does that seem like a weakness? Is that telegraphing weakness?"

Cheney: "I think it does. And I think it says to -- well, to the world out there that this is no longer a war, this is law enforcement. And our most important obligation responsibility is to read their rights to the people we capture, that we're going to treat them -- we're going to Mirandize them before we do anything else."

Cheney also said the release of last week's torture memos was "being done essentially to appease a certain element of the Democratic Party, or because of campaign commitments that were made in last year's campaign."

What a concept, it's law enforcement - not a unilateral war on a nation that did not attack us, on the pretense that it had a vague and still undefined relationship with one that did. The sort of action that brought the former World Trade Center bombers to justice. The sort of action that actually worked, instead of leaving the country in deep debt with lots of dead people and no functional government in place.

From decreasing numbers who watch Faux news it would that there is a diminishing charm to watching this POS accuse anyone but himself of making the world a less safe place to live.

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Blogger Cosa Nostradamus said...

Sneer if you will, but Fox News is number one in the important 18-35 demographic among Orc's.

Mostly because Golem is on right after Glenn Beck, I think.

CNN needs to get some wraiths or something, or they're cooked. They can't keep milking that dead-baby demographic forever.

1:23 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Funny, I hardly ever meet anyone who will admit to watching Faux News anymore. And those who do are defensive about it. I never miss an opportunity to point out that I refuse to watch it, because it's so slanted and unreliable for actual news content. Anyone who does that is doing the world a favor, btw, by helping discourage the disinformation.

2:22 AM  

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