Friday, April 24, 2009

Trip Advisory

Today was a day to wander around Florence, and I did something that I very much advise anyone taking a trip. I went online weeks ago and reserved a ticket for the Ufizzi Galleries. Today I was talking to a very unhappy lady who learned that she should have reserved in advance to see the Sistine Chapel tomorrow. Not only is this not someplace that is in low demand, we are presently in Italy for a holiday. The day it was liberated from Nazi occupation is celebrated tomorrow, here, and students are out of school, with free admission most places. There was an immense line for the free admission at the Uffizi, something I was really glad I avoided. As it was, I had to wait for awhile before looking at some of the limited admission rooms inside.

No, I didn't make it through everything. Starting at eleven and finishing after two, I did wash out before I got to the 17th Century in the first floor - exhibits begin on the second floor. But I got my first view of the original of the >'Venus on the Half Shell' (you pro'ly know it as The Birth of Venus) by Botticelli, and at last I can actually see the zephyrs in the air that give it a quality no reproduction has ever captured for me.

And a couple of other things, too, but I won't tell you all about it, you have to come see it for yourself. Oh, one more I have to indulge myself in enjoying - el Greco friars with their solidity descending to those ephemeral hands and cheekbones -well you just go look.

A few things about Italy I totally enjoy, the stone farmhouses that date back to the middle ages, and the fortresses on top of hills where little nation/states held their own against marauders for centuries. Ironically, I watched 'Quantum of Solace' on my movie channel last night, with its scenes of the horse racing in Sienna. Nice background when you're off the coast of Italy. Tomorrow I get to see 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Little bonuses of a cruise , patting ourselves on the back, for having discovered you can travel without living out of a suitcase and constantly looking for edible food at a good price. Last night over dinner it was a delightful couple from New York, originally Russia, who are going to check out cabdrollery and get into arguments with me, zestfully but with good cheer. If you're reading this, Hi Boris and Irina!

Okay, now I'm hungry. And it's almost time to watch us set sail for Rome. Where I will not be going for a third visit, tho I thought about doing the catacombs maybe, but really I am looking forward to a day on board. I get the jacuzzi to myself! and time for a made-to-order omelette.

Yes, this is the getting spoiled that I was ready for. Please don't hate me, think of all the gruesome stuff I put up with to get this far. Next time I choose a life of leisure, and believe me, my character will not suffer.



Anonymous Karin said...

Hi, Ruth! Great time to visit Italy. I've been to the catacombs and it's pretty creepy. Afterwards I was imagining I had TB or something, the damp got to me.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

And we just talked at eschaton, hi yoreself. glad to hear I did the right thing. Had a loveliest day.

7:29 AM  

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