Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Catblogging

Homes needed for four abysinian cats that are used to each other and live in Martha's Vineyard.

Here is the description;
When you have a household full of 10 cats, a young child and your husband suddenly dies, sometimes you have to makes some difficult decisions. The owner of these 4 Abys is faced with exactly this situation and is being forced to give up 4 of the Abys. It is just too much to keep up with everything and her husband had been the caretaker of the cats. So we have 4 more Abys for adoption. They are all in good health, updated on their shots and they have their claws. They were all adopted into their current home and they are all boys. The owner's 5 year old child has interacted with them since he was born and they are used to and tolerant of children (except Red Ryder). Here are the particulars:
Thadeus is originally from Colorado and is about 10 years of age. He was rehomed recently to a neighbor, but the introduction was not careful and he came back having had trouble with the beagle and the other cat. He came back pretty upset and has been cautious and jumpy ever since. Whoever adopts him will need to work carefully with him as he doesn't handle change well.
We also thinks he should be the only pet. He is a beautiful, charming cat.

Red Ryder is a red Aby and is 14. His owner describes him as a "crazed super model". He was kept in a cage as a breeding cat until he was 7 when he was neutered and adopted to this family. He prefers the company of other cats to people. He is a sweet cat, but must come to you on his own terms. Whoever adopts him will not have to worry about trips to the dentist cause he has no teeth. He should be an easy cat to care for and really must go where there are other cats.

Little Babe is a Red from California. Babe was born in '94 and is in very good health. He is a normal Aby, nice temperament, very affectionate, loves to rub your face, purrs, comes when called. He likes other cats. He was allowed to go outside in a large enclosure.
Phebus is a 16 year old and is in his twilight years. He was having some balance problems and the owners had an MRI done and found something (which I didn't understand). With the vet's blessing they decided he didn't need any treatment as he was eating and purring and getting along fine even with being weak on one side. He is a very nice tempered cat -- super cuddly and affectionate. He purrs and face rubs -- a really nice cat. He has had most of his teeth pulled and has been a happy camper ever since. So if you have been waiting for that Aby that will fit in with other cats or small children, now is your chance.

These Abys are all in Martha's Vineyard, MA.

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