Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Birdblogging

Lyrebird, an Australian original

Tape of lyrebird calls here.

Really the Lyrebird is a very plain looking brown (chicken size) bird, except for long trailing tail feathers They are darkish brown on top of their body , and lighter below and they have markings on their throat normally with a red to brown colouring
They are magnificent mimicker of other birds and noises. Often in the morning you may think you are surrounded by a multitude of bird species, to find out you have been fooled by a lyrebird. Car noises, chainsaws, dogs and other noises are no problem for this excellent imitator The mimicry, though used in the mating courtship is heard all year round. It is said to be the way the male lyrebird tells others this is his territory, much like the Kookaburras "laugh"



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