Friday, September 09, 2011

Patience Is A Virtue

Poor Michele Bachmann. She worked hard in Iowa and got the attention that hard work deserved. She became a contender, but only for a couple of days. The spotlight shifted from the Tea Party Diva to Texas Governor Rick Perry, he of the good hair and penchant for group prayer, just as soon as he declared his candidacy, which was just as soon as the Iowa straw vote was complete. She now finds herself in the group labeled "also running."

Patience, my dear. Those spotlights can be dangerous, not to mention hot. Gov. Perry is discovering that as the press begins focusing on the claims and record of the latest Johnny Come Lately.

For example, there's that comment made by Perry at the recent debate regarding global warming. That put a twist in the knickers of the Los Angeles Times editorial board.

"Well, I do agree that there is — the science is not settled on this," Perry said. "The idea that we would put Americans' economy at jeopardy based on scientific theory that's not settled yet, to me, is just nonsense."

Perry went on to compare himself, or those who agree with him, to 17th century astronomer Galileo Galilei, who in Perry's words also "got outvoted for a spell" when he adopted a minority opinion on a scientific issue. It would be far more accurate to compare Perry to Pope Urban VIII, who put Galileo on trial for heresy in 1633 because his conclusions that the Earth revolved around the sun contradicted Scripture. All scientific theories have doubters, but what is remarkable about climate science is the degree of certainty and agreement among researchers. ...

And that seems to sum up Perry's response to any number of threats. In the midst of a punishing drought that is turning his state into a tinderbox, Perry's answer has been to issue proclamations urging people to pray for rain and to slash firefighting budgets. Heaven help us if he wins.

Even though you might be on Perry's side on this issue, it's Perry who's getting the snide jokes, not you, Michele. And it's his record on healthcare reform that's being scrutinized in light of his attacks on Obama care, something you are also passionate about. the 11 years the Republican presidential hopeful has been in office, working Texans increasingly have been priced out of private healthcare while the state's safety net has withered, leaving millions of state residents without medical care. ...

More than a quarter of Texans lack health insurance, the highest rate in the nation, placing a crushing burden on hospitals and doctors who treat patients unable to pay.

Those costs are passed to the insured. Insurance premiums have risen more quickly in Texas than they have nationally over the last seven years. And when compared with incomes, insurance in Texas is less affordable than in every state but Mississippi, according to the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund.

Of course, Michele, you were never governor of your state and don't have much of a record in Congress, something that nasty has-been Tim Pawlenty kept pointing out, so you don't have that to worry about. In the meantime, it's Rick Perry who's getting the knocks, not you.

Isn't it nice to not have to be constantly answering questions about that damned farm and your husband's "pray the gay away" clinic?

So, be patient. Stick around. The race needs you.

Besides, I have all this popcorn. It would be a shame for it to go to waste, especially in this economy.



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