Thursday, October 19, 2006

Double Dare You

A propos of Diane's thoughts on N. Korea and the risks we run by alienating the rest of the world, this a.m. our Dear Leader has shown the unparalleled stupidity of drawing a line in the sand and double daring N. Korea to cross it. Maybe he's into what we used to call 'second childhood', this new absurdity is school playground level politics.

From Yahoo:

'President Bush said Wednesday the United States would stop North Korea from transferring nuclear weapons to Iran or al-Qaida and that the communist regime would then face "a grave consequence."

Bush refused to spell out how the United States would retaliate. "They'd be held to account," the president said in an ABC News interview.

In light of North Korea's Oct. 9 test detonation of a nuclear bomb, Bush warned that any transfer of nuclear material elsewhere in the world by the North would be considered a grave threat to the security of the United States. He previously used "grave threat" in relation to Iraq's Saddam Hussein, whose government was toppled in the U.S.-led war in 2003.

"If we get intelligence that they're about to transfer a nuclear weapon, we would stop the transfer, and we would deal with the ships that were taking the — or the airplane that was dealing with taking the material to somebody," the president said.

Asked how he would retaliate, Bush would not be specific, "You know, I'd just say it's a grave consequence."

"The leader of North Korea to understand that he'll be held to account. Just like he's being held to account now for having run a test," Bush said.

The United States repeatedly has said it does not intend to attack the North. But the Bush administration also has refused to take any military option completely off the table.'

There's more still at the link, and well worth the read.

When what was at one time the leader of the free world has become a sabre-rattling dunce, it's scary even for this regime. But these antics, which probably are more of the politics of being down by 60+% points with the election coming up rapidly, will only back this country further into its corner with a rogue nation that has already called D.L.'s bluff with its first nuclear test, seems to be readying for another, and is voluble in its disdain for the D.L.'s threats.

It seems our dunce at the helm is heading us straight into a conflict that can only do more damage, and cost more young lives of several nations' youth. The place in history for w looks more and more like the Danse Macabre.

from Ruth


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