Friday, July 20, 2007

Lies, Outrageous Lies, and Constant Lies

It's being too kind to denounce the cretin in chief for having no grasp on reality. What he constantly speaks is lies, intentional and idiotic, knowing that having a grasp on the highest office in this country makes him safe from much refutation.

Today, he wanted to accuse the Democrats of working against the troops, although we are actually working against him and for the troops. Forget that everyone listening knows he's telling a lie, and that he vetoes measures meant to help the troops. He's the deciderer liar.

President Bush, ratcheting up a fight with Congress over Iraq, accused Democrats on Friday of conducting a political debate on the war while delaying action on money to upgrade equipment and give troops a pay raise.

"It is time to rise above partisanship, stand behind our troops in the field, and give them everything they need to succeed," Bush said in the Rose Garden after meeting with veterans and military families.

Bush spoke two days after Senate Republicans thwarted a Democratic proposal to pull out troops from Iraq. Bush said that instead of approving money for the war, "the Democratic leaders chose to have a political debate on a precipitous withdrawal of our troops from Iraq."

Despite Bush's suggestion that the bill is a must-pass measure that would pay for critical war programs, the legislation is not an appropriations bill that feeds military spending accounts. Called the defense authorization bill, the legislation is more a policy-type measure used by Congress to influence the management of major defense programs, set goals and guide the 2008 military spending bill.

The bill is needed, however, to authorize military pay raises. Congress typically does not finish the bill before fall, and the pay raises are applied retroactively.(Emphasis added)

In other words, Mr. Reporter, it's a lie. Like calling the Democrats obstructionist when GoPerverts are obstructing everything they can in Congress, even accepting the record of the previous day's proceedings. Their role is petty criminality. The C-i-C is committing major criminal behavior. The Executive Liar is determined to keep the U.S.'s interests from being represented.

This is growing into what may well necessitate Speaker Pelosi's putting impeachment back on the table. I admit I prefer war crimes be charged against the entire executive branch, to be brought at Nuremberg or the International Criminal Court. However, with Congress being charged with various false accusations and defied when it brings legal charges against the executive branch's crimes, there may well be no other course. Thanks again, all of you out there putting up signs that say "IMPEACH".

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