Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Catblogging



" target="_blank">Cornish Rex cats in Philly need home/rescue;

Breed: Cornish Rex
Names: Gus & Z
Age: 11½ year old
Neutered: Yes
Declawed: Front paws only

Gus and Z are a bonded pair of brothers. They are a playful and loving duo. Neither cat likes to be held but if your lap is empty, it won’t be for long. Human companionship is as necessary to them as the air they breath. I can often hear them knocking at my bedroom door and calling for me. Every person that enters our home is greeted by a meow and a touch of their paw in hopes of gaining some attention.

This breed has a very thin layer of fur so their bodies need to generate more heat to keep them warm. They are a couple of warmth junkies wgi search out the warmest places in the house like the heat vents, top of the cable box and under blankets which makes them a perfect pair of napping companions. They love nothing better to burrow under your blanket and curl up against you.

In spite of their years, Gus and Z are two very frisky felines, chasing each other throughout the house. Tussling and playing with each other before snuggling down for another nap.

Gus, the smaller of the two has a huge appetite. He will eat anything, anytime yet still retain his youthful figure. I feed them a half of a 4 oz. can of Iams cat food at breakfast and dinner. I found that this works best with their digestive system. Then I leave a bowl full of Iams dry food for them to snack on throughout the day. Z, or ZeeBee as we affectionately call him, is a picker eater. He also always waits for Gus to eat his share of wet food before finishing up. Gus always leaves half for Z to finish.

Gus’s coat is sparse. He was the runt of the litter and never has a great coat. He has lost all his teeth and Z has two left. ZeeBee is a tail sucker and a tummy kneader with a beautiful coat. They both have benign pustules on their belly. Unsightly but not a health problem. Their shots are up to date and I can supply veterinary reports at your request.

Gus and Z’s litter habits need to be retrained. This has been the way they show anxiety. The first incident occurred after we left them home while we took a long weekend vacation. We left them with plenty of food, water, and a clean litter box. What we failed to provide was human companionship. Since then I have someone visit them twice a day when we go away. Things were going well until recently. I am going through a divorce and not home nearly as much as I was. They’ve also picked up on the stress of our family situation plus my daughter’s absence every other weekend. For example, when my husband moved out he took all the family room furniture with him. Z came downstairs for breakfast, but first stepped into the empty family room. The poor thing sat himself down in the middle of the room and just kept turning his head left and right as if to say, “Where did all my favorite furniture go?” Since then they have resumed their inconsistent use of the litter box. Their need to be placed in a stable home where they will get lots of attention and affection from their humans, is a point I can’t stress enough.

My future is very uncertain and though we are heartbroken, I can no longer give Gus and Z the kind of home they need. My daughter is going off to college soon and I’ll be working full time. I don’t even know where I’ll be living six months from now. Please give my cats a good home. They will thank you with more love and affection than you’ll know what to do with.

Okay, this is cheating, it's the cats-eye nebula. Good luck in seeing one.



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